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The reasons we like selling Hamar Stealth Shaft Alignment Lasers

Soft Foot in Shaft Alignment
It is impossible to properly align a machine with a soft foot, but as many types of Soft Foot condition exist it is important to understand the possible causes.

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STEALTH - Smart Laser Shaft & Coupling Alignment Systems

The industry leading Stealth Laser Shaft and Coupling Alignment range of equipment applies the latest in electronics and laser technology to deliver the ultimate in ease of use and shaft alignment precision.

Stealth offers alignment solutions for a wide range of users, from maintenance teams needing to cover occassional pump and motor shaft alignments without the hassle of organising alignment contractors, up to full-time alignment professionals needing top performance and versatility to deliver stunning alignment precision and fast results in demanding customer applications.

Stealth S-680 Laser Shaft Aligner

Stealth Advanced Laser Alignment Features Include:

  • Wireless Integrated Bluetooth standard on all systems
  • Simple Step-by-Step Laser Alignment Procedure
  • Industry's Highest Laser Measurement Accuracy
  • "Live-Track" Dynamic Graphics, either 3-Axis or 5-Axis
  • Fastest Auto-Sweep Laser Measurement
  • Full Colour 8" or 10" Touch Tablet
  • Long Life LiPO Batteries for up to 15H+ operation
  • Rugged Design, water resistant and dustproof to IP67
  • Extensive Software Features and Options

Laser Shaft Alignment Live Move Screen

Stealth S-660: The Essential Kit

This 3-Axis Laser Shaft Alignment System is a simple to use, highly efficient, fast and accurate laser system for aligning pumps, fans, compressors and motors. Exceeding the capabilities of entry level laser systems in accuracy and features, S-660 provides affordable performance for contractors and maintenance teams that need a laser to produce accurate alignments quickly and dependably.

The difference is: its easier, its faster and its more accurate, simple really!

Stealth S-670: The All Rounder

This richly featured 3-Axis Laser Shaft Alignment System provides a powerful, accurate and easy to use system for general shaft and coupling laser alignment applications, ready to be put to use on demanding alignment applications. The system has extensively optional software available to suit less common requirements. S-670 is an ideal choice for contractors and maintenance teams for the alignment of pumps, compressors, fans and gearboxes where time is critical and dependable alignment results are expected in any conditions.

The features you need when your business depends on it!

Stealth S-680: The Professional

This 5-Axis Laser Shaft Alignment System is the alignment professional's first choice. A fully featured laser alignment system that delivers the highest alignment accuracy in the industry, with fully live 5-axis measurement data in a single step and including a comprehensive suite of standard software features for the most demanding alignment conditions. S-680 is well suited for the laser alignment of high precision motors and drives, large rotating equipment, turbines, multi-stage turbo-machinery, marine propulsion drivelines and many other critical applications.

Top alignment performance for critical missions and total versatility!

For detailed information on the exciting new Stealth range: S-660, S-670 and S-680.

Hamar's Stealth Series Laser Shaft and Coupling Alignment Systems provide state-of-the-art laser shaft and coupling alignment technology. They deliver easy to use and highly practical shaft alignment capabilities to suit the full spectrum of shaft alignment work, and have advanced features unmatched by competing systems. In any application, Stealth systems will deliver high accuracy alignments in a simple operation with the minimum down-time.

Laser Shaft Alignment Touchscreen Control

All Stealth Series Alignment Lasers have Wireless Communication as standard, fully integrated inside the actual measurement receiver and the control unit. The inconvenience and safety concerns of dangling communications and power cables during shaft rotation are now history, and the advanced integrated electronics used by Stealth offer more than a full shift of battery life under continuous radio operation, without the need to mount or connect a separate radio module.

Automatic rotation sensing is also a standard feature across the Stealth range, allowing fast and simple capture of alignment data with a single sweep of the shafts through any angle greater than 60 degrees. Rotational movement automatically starts and stops alignment measurements without any button presses required, and live graphics clearly show the range and density of the measured alignment data.

The new Super Linear PSD laser measurement technology used by all the Stealth Series lasers delivers the highest level of both measurement resolution and absolute measurement accuracy, to meet even the most demanding shaft and coupling alignment precision requirements. S-660 has a 20mm detector and other models have a large 30mm detector to directly accommodate large initial alignment errors at the coupling.

Using the Stealth laser shaft alignment systems is made unbelievably simple by the latest generation of Hamar's intuitive 5-step checklist software with advanced high resolution colour graphics and touch-screen operation. The simplicity of the alignment procedure and the excellent integrated operator guides mean that training requirements are minimised and that even occassional system users will feel confident to tackle alignment jobs in the minimum time.

The availability of fully live alignment graphics and live move values at the equipment feet positions totally eliminates any guesswork in deciding move directions, and provides the operator with interactive feedback throughout the laser alignment process. Achieving correct sideways moves, either with or without screw adjusters, is made fast and simple and green light indicators are shown as soon as the required alignment tolerance is achieved.

The solid and compact design of the Stealth shaft alignment systems deliver the proven robustness that has been associated with Hamar laser systems for over 35 years. Additionally, all components of the system including the hand-held control are rigorously sealed to meet the stringent IP67 accidental submersibility specification

With Hamar's long experience in delivering advanced and user-friendly laser shaft alignment technology, each system is delivered as a complete equipment set, ready to be put straight to work, and packaged securely in a heavy duty water-resistant case including a comprehensive mounting kit and accessories.

S-660, S-670 and S-680 are highly suitable for the following laser alignment applications:

- Motor Alignment - Pump Alignment - Compressor Alignment - Coupling Alignment - Gearbox Alignment - Engine Alignment - Drive Shaft Alignment - Drive Train Alignment - Fan Alignment - Shaft Alignment - Agitator Alignment - Generator Alignment - Turbine Alignment - Marine Prop Shaft Alignment -

For more information on Hamar laser shaft and coupling alignment systems or to enquire about a solution for your laser alignment application, call IS Tecnik on 1300 699 176, or:
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