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It is impossible to properly align a machine with a soft foot, but as many types of Soft Foot condition exist it is important to understand the possible causes.

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Laser Distance Measurement
Laser Distance Measurement Interferometer and Machine Tool Axis Calibration System

LICS-100A Laser Interferometer Distance Calibration System

The ideal tool for CMM and CNC machine axis calibration and compensation . . . delivering revolutionary portability, speed, simplicity and affordability!

The LICS-100A Laser Interferometer is a revolutionary new laser distance measurement system that provides major benefits over existing laser interferometer based measurement systems:

  • Proven high accuracy and stability
  • Compact and easily transported in a single carry-on sized case
  • Fast and simple single beam 2-component setup
  • Full stroke axis measurement without guard removal
  • Automated data collection andgeneration of compensation files for major control brands.
  • Affordability to suit use in machine installation and service applications.
LICS-100 LDDM distance calibration laser

Developed through the innovative application of state of the art miniaturised electronics and advanced laser optics, LICS-100 provides the ultra-precision distance measurement capability of Laser Interferometry in a highly compact package that delivers revolutionary portability, ease of use and affordability.

The unique combination of these features enhances the practical range of application of Laser Interferometer measurement systems, by speeding up and simplifying this highly precise measurement process.

Measurement times are dramatically reduced by the simplicity of setting up the system inside a machine and quickly aligning the single measurement beam to each axis to be measured.

Elimination of a heavy laser mounting tripod not only greatly enhances the system's portability, but also makes setup on small machines a breeze and eliminates the significant (dead path) error source.

This laser system's enhanced portability, ease of use and affordability are delivered by the application of advanced electronics that are used to process the measurement signal, allowing the optical design of the system to be simplified and miniaturised.

Separate interferometer optics required with traditional interferometers necessitated a complex triple element laser alignment before measuring each axis. This complexity has been eliminated, and a highly compact 13mm retro-reflector is sufficient to reflect the return laser beam on its axis to the single orifice laser head. The small reflector is readily mounted on virtually any machine spindle.

The single orifice optical design also provides the powerful advantage of allowing the laser beam direction to be steered with a simple first-surface mirror. This allows the beam angle to be very simply adjusted via a steerable mirror mounted on the front of the laser head. This allows the beam to be quickly set to any orthogonal orientation and adjusted true to each axis to be measured, without moving the laser itself. With this feature, the system may be quickly set up to measure orthogonal vertical and horizontal axes.

Each laser system is supplied with:

  • Laser Head with Integrated Electronics: 24cm x 12.5cm x 6cm
  • Face mounted adjustable mirror beam bender
  • Windows Measurement Software
  • 1/2" Retroreflector on magnetic base
  • Material temperature sensor and atmoshperic T & P monitors
  • USB laptop connection cable
  • Hard shell carry case: 41cm x 32cm x 17cm x 6.0kg

Summary of System Specifications:

  • Stability: 0.1ppm
  • Resolution: 0.01um
  • 15 metres
  • Acuracy: <1 ppm
  • Max Speed: 60m/min

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