DigiPAS Precision Digital Levels

Dual Axis Precision Digital Levels

High precision dual axis digital levels offer extraordinary accuracy and powerful features to deliver large time-savings.

2-Axis Digital Levels for Industrial Machinery & Instruments

The Digipas DWL-xy range of precision 2-axis digital levels offer the high accuracy essential for levelling precision machinery and instruments, with outstanding ease of use, advanced functions and readout features. The robust Super-MEMS solid-state measuring technology ensures excellent reliability in field use.

The digital level display on all models shows live values in both directions in a single instrument position, providing a large improvement in machine levelling simplicity and accuracy compared to traditional spirit levels.

Machine levelling time is reduced because this critical task is guided by direct and stable live angle values in both directions as the machine is adjusted.

Traditional problems with spirit machinists levels including bubble calibration errors, slow centering times, temperature effects, parallax reading errors and non-linearity are eliminated by this advanced machine levelling technology.

Accurate readings are available over a far greater measurement range, including up to +/-90 degrees inclinometer display on some models with magnetic attachment.

Bluetooth wireless capabilities provide a handy remote readout for ease of use in difficult to access locations and where disturbance of the level readings by an operator has to be avoided.

Graphical and data logging software is available.

A Range of Equipment to Meet All Precision Levelling Requirements

The Digipas Precision Level range covers applications from levelling and inclination measurement for industrial machinery right through to ultra precision levelling of CNC machines and scientific instruments.

Digipas FAQs

What is the main advantage of dual-axis Bluetooth electronic levels?

A smartphone live display quickly shows precise level values in both directions.

What other advantages does this offer the user?

The many innovative features of this technology make precision levelling tasks very much simpler and faster, and allow new possibilities for the user.

Are these levels shock resistant?

The solid state MEMS sensor has no moving parts and is very robust, and the levels are supplied in a high quality protective case.

Can the user recalibrate these levels?

The levels can be recalibrated quite simply using a precisely level & flat metrology table

What technology platforms can be used for the Bluetooth wireless readout?

A laptop can be used with PC Sync software, and Apps are available for both Apple iOS and Android phones.

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