DWL3000xy & DWL3500xy

Advanced dual axis high precision levels with large measuring range, inclinometer function and a built-in vibrometer with live time waveform.


Digital Precision, Dual Axis Simplicity & Graphical Readout

The advanced DWL-3000xy and DWL-3500xy precision 2-axis digital machinists levels simultaneously display live digital level or inclination readings in both directions and a colour graphics bulls-eye, greatly simplifying any accurate levelling task.

Simply set down the level and turn it on to see a live numerical and graphical 2-axis level readout with either 0.01 or 0.001 degrees resolution and accuracy, depending on the model.

High Precision Digital Level

Even the most demanding machine levelling or angle setting application is made simpler, faster and easier by these powerful, practical and efficient machine levels, the power of which is being appreciated by installation technicians worldwide.

A responsive display of level values in both directions allows the levelling process to be streamlined. Fine machine adjustments are guided by the precise live readings, without the necessity for bubble settling, sighting of graduations, instrument reversals or reorientation of the level in alternate directions.

Additionally, the levels will automatically switching to a high precision inclinometer display whenever the unit is oriented in a vertical plane. DWL3000xy measures inclination with 0.01 deg. resolution over a full +/-90 degree range, allowing the precise setting of beam or plate angles with ease, using built-in magnetic clamping.

Both models have a Vibrometer function with a live graphical display of machine vibration data. This allows machine stability to be assessed and compared to previous readings.

DWL3000xy and DWL3500xy are suitable for a wide range of levelling and angle setting applications, including:

  • CNC Machine installations
  • Minerals processing plants
  • Baseplate levelling for motors, gearboxes and pumps
  • Installation of printing and paper processing equipment
  • Roll levelling in Paper, Steel and Plastics industries
  • Setup of production and processing lines
  • Metrology and Instrumentation levelling
  • Levelling of measuring machines
  • Rail industry maintenance
  • Set up of specialist field equipment
  • Levelling of on-site machining gantrys
  • Engineering construction
  • Materials handling
  • Bulk material loaders and conveyors

Measurement units may be set to degrees, mm/metre or inches/foot. A simple automatic self-calibration function allows the user to do Absolute Level calibration at any time. For working on non-level machinery, a temporary setting of an Alternative Zero may be made to any reference plane, allowing other machine components to be made parallel using “zero” reference values.

Each unit is supplied with PC Sync software, allowing live readings to be displayed and captured on a PC screen. Optional PRO Sync software has more extensive graphical display functions and a data logging function.

Precision Level in Inclinometer Mode

The high-precision DWL3000xy has a hard anodised lightweight mounting base and provides level accuracy certified to +/- 0.01 deg. The ultra-precision DWL3500XY has a high stability machined cast iron base and is certified to have a level measurement accuracy within +/- 0.001 deg.

Both units are supplied in a rugged, sealed protective case with internal foam padding. A two year manufacturer’s warranty is provided for each unit.

For more information, call ISTECNIK on 1300 699 176.

Specification Summary

  • DWL3000xy

  • Calibrated Levelling Accuracy
    0.01 degrees (0.175mm/metre)
  • 2-Axis Levelling Range
    +/-15 degrees
  • Inclinometer Range
    +/- 90 degrees
  • ____________________________
  • DWL3500xy

  • Calibrated Levelling Accuracy
    0.001 degrees (0.018mm/metre)
  • 2-Axis Levelling Range
    +/-10 degrees
  • Inclinometer Range
    +/-20 degrees

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