DWL8500xy Ultra Precision

A Dual Axis Ultra Precision Laser Level for Precision Machine Tools


Ultra Precision Dual Axis Machinist Level

DWL8500XY is a 2-Axis ultra precision machinist level with built-in Vibrometer, having resolution and accuracy of 1 arcsec (5µm/M) and a wide measuring range of up to 4 degrees or 70mm/M.

This level is suitable for precision leveling, tilted-plane angles measurements, 2D surface-plane profiling and other special alignment tasks that require up to 1 arcsec accuracy.

Wireless Remote 2-Axis Display

The unit provides real-time wireless Bluetooth/USB remote readout and data logging to a connected PC or tablet. This allows sensitive level measurements to be taken without operator interference on or near the machine, while the remote live display of machine level in both directions at the same time facilities simple live adjustment of machine feet by a single operator.

The instrument’s accuracy performance certification is verified by internationally accredited 3rd parties calibration test bodies in US, Japan, National Metrology Center of Singapore, traceable to NIST, JIS and DIN standards.

DWL8500xy is exceptionally engineered to greatly simplifying the task of engineering professionals and scientists in installation, setting up, maintenance and calibration of high accuracy CNC machines and instruments, and is suitable for undertaking high accuracy plane-surface flatness profiling.

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DWL8500xy Accuracy Specification

  • Accuracy Specification
    +/- 1 Arcsec = +/- 0.005mm/metre

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