Laser Bore Alignment Systems

Laser Bore Alignment Systems

Solve your in-line alignment requirements with Hamar Laser's state-of-the-art Bore Alignment Systems. Engineered for precision and reliability, our cutting-edge solutions provide optimal alignment methods for critical alignment tasks across a wide range of industries. With advanced features such as 4-axis live measurement, self-centering tooling, error compensation, real-time feedback, wide measurement range, and user-friendly interfaces, our systems empower your team to achieve unparalleled accuracy with ease.

Laser Solutions for Precision Machine Bearing and Bore Alignment

Hamar Laser bore alignment systems provide an accurate, fast and practical solution for many in-line alignment applications. Engineered to meet the rigorous demands of modern industries, our cutting-edge laser systems redefine precision alignment, ensuring optimal performance of critical in-line machinery and components.

Simple, Fast and Accurate Laser Bore Alignment for All Industries

The Hamar L-700, L-703 and L-708 Laser Bore Alignment systems are ideal for the fast and accurate laser alignment of any in-line bores or bearings. Incorporating Hamar’s 40 years of experience in designing bore alignment lasers, they offer the simplest and most practical solution to bore alignment measurement with the highest level of accuracy and stability.

The powerful alignment features of the L-700, L-705 and L-708 systems include:

  • Highly stable long range bore lasers rapidly mounted on the axis centre-line
  • Unique self-centering laser and target tooling is quick and simple to use
  • Internally adjustable laser beam position and angle.
  • 2-axis or 4-axis electronic targets measure and transmit beam position and angle
  • Sub-micron resolution for the most demanding applications
  • No adjustment of bore target position required, just insert and take readings
  • Both vertical and horizontal live alignment readings are displayed in a single fast setup
  • See-through targets allow fast alignment of multiple in-line bores

Hamar’s simple alignment software packages have extensive features including:

  • Live scalable graphics of position and angular errors
  • Offset routines eliminate any laser and tooling errors for ultra-precision measurements
  • Quick-plot visualizes the alignment of multiple bores or along a long bore

Technology and features that are unique to Hamar systems provide many advantages which make laser bore alignment an easy to use and practical option for improving alignment turn-around times and enhancing alignment quality in a diverse range of industrial alignment applications.

In comparison to tight wire and optical techniques, the Hamar laser bore alignment process has been demonstrated to deliver up to 75% overall time savings as well as  a precise, highly dependable and documented alignment result.

L-700, L-703 and L-708 laser bore alignment systems have been applied to a wide range of industrial alignment applications and have been proven to be highly advantageous in the following fields:

  • Excavator bucket pivot bores and tipping tray pivot bores
  • Drive shaft bearing and gearbox alignments
  • Crankshaft and camshaft bearing alignment and verification
  • Ship propulsion shaft drive line bearing and stern tube bearing alignment
  • Alignment setting of in-line processing machinery
  • Machine tool slide and spindle alignments
  • Setting of lathe headstock and tailstock alignments
  • Extruder barrel alignment and deep bore diameter measurement
  • Ball screw and actuator laser alignment
  • Aerospace hinge line bore alignment setting
  • Setting of steam turbine bearing and diaphragm bore alignments
  • Wind turbine pitch control and drive train assembly

For more information on Hamar Laser Bore Alignment systems or to enquire about a solution for your alignment application, call IS Tecnik on 1300 699 176.


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