Precut Stainless Steel Shims

AccuShim’s precision pre-cut Stainless Steel shims offer an ideal solution for precise adjustment of rotating machinery and various industrial alignments. Manufactured from superior Grade 304 Stainless Steel, they provide strength, stability and corrosion resistance. Optional Grade 316 Stainless Steel ensures additional durability in harsh environments.

AccuShim Precision Precut Stainless Steel Shims: Achieve Perfect Alignment Straight Out of the Box

Discover Accu-Shim's range of pre-cut stainless steel shims, precision made for machine alignment and equipment levelling. Save time and ensure consistent adjustments with these durable, versatile shims in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.

Precision Stainless Steel Shim Solutions: Explore Accu-Shim's Extensive Range

Discover Accu-Shim's comprehensive selection of pre-cut shims, available in various convenient formats and thicknesses. From Handy-Case Kits to Replacement Packs, find the perfect shim solution for your machine alignment and equipment leveling requirements.

Precut Stainless Steel Shim Cases

Precut stainless steel shim kits are supplied in compact and sturdy metal carry cases containing an assortment of 13 standard shim thicknesses from 0.025mm to 3.200mm.

PRO-Case alignment shim kits contain 260 shims, consisting of 20 precision cut shims provided in each thickness.

HANDY-Case half-sized kits are lighter and more compact, containing 130 shims, including 10 shims in each thickness.

A full range of replacement stainless steel shim packs are available in all sizes and thicknesses. Shim is stocked at our Australian warehouse in all standard sizes and thicknesses, ready for same day dispatch to meet your order.

Using AccuShim precut stainless steel shim provides higher alignment accuracy and stability compared to other types of shimming materials. The elimination of wasted time finding shim material of suitable thickness and cutting shim material to size saves money. Precut shim also avoids the risk to operators of sharp edges and prevents incorrect packing heights that may be caused by shim distortion and edge damage during hand cutting.

The comprehensive range of 13 shim thicknesses in either a Full Case or a Handy Case of AccuShim allows maintenance personnel to quickly put together an economical shim pack of any desired height, further saving time and money.

Avoid the false economy of using inefficient and time wasting shimming materials. Use AccuShim precision gauged precut stainless steel shim as a cost effective means of increasing maintenance efficiency.

For more info on our range of Stainless Steel Shim, call ISTECNIK onĀ 1300 699 176.


Precut Stainless Steel Shims FAQs

What is the main advantage of AccuShim?

This accurately gauged pre-cut stainless shim in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses easily allows precise height adjustments to be made at machine feet.

Are the shims easy and safe to handle?

Custom tabs allows for easy shim insertion and removal, and our special finishing process ensures there are no sharp edges.

Are the shims in Metric or Imperial thicknesses?

All Accushims are individually etched in Imperial and Metric with their nominal size and the actual gauged batch thickness.

What material is used?

Standard shims are made from high quality USA milled 302/304 stainless steel. Shims in grade 316 are available for highly corrosive locations.

How are the shims supplied?

The Handy-Case and the PRO-Case are very compact and contain a wide selection of 13 shim thicknesses. The shims are well protected and the sturdy metal cases are easy to handle.

What makes Accushim so convenient?

With a finely graduated selection 13 thicknesses ready to use in all standard kits, Accushim is a big time-saver for any machine alignment.

How are shim stocks maintained in the field?

Replacement packs are locally available in all sizes and thicknesses.

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