New Precision Dual Axis Levels

A new range of 2-axis precision digital electronic machinists levels provides high levelling accuracy and simplicity.

The Digi-Pas DWL3000/3500xy range of precision and ultra-precision 2-axis digital machinists levels now provide installation technicians with a faster and easier electronic levelling technology.

These high precision digital machinists levels display dual live level readings in X and Y axes. This makes the task of adjusting the level of any machine, base-plate or equipment component in both directions as simple as adjusting both live displayed level errors to the desired accuracy without moving the level. No longer is levelling time controlled by extended bubble settling times and repeated reading and re-reading of bubble positions against vial calibration marks in opposite orientations.

With level measurement accuracy down to 0.001 degrees, equivalent to 0.017mm/metre, even the highest precision machinery may be levelled with the DWL-3500xy unit. Live graphics and a displayed arrow indicate the high side, and level values in degrees, mm/metre or inches/foot are clearly displayed by the bright colour TFT display screen.

When the unit is set down in a vertical orientation the display automatically changes to a precision inclinometer with both an analogue radout and digital display values.

In addition, the unit may be set to Vibrometer mode to display a live vibration waveform allowing a baseline vibration level to be registered or compared against previous values.

The DWL3000xy and DWL3500xy are supplied with PC Sync software that allows readings to be remotely displayed. Optionally, the software may be upgraded to allow a datalogging sequence to be programmed.

Supplied in a sturdy padded case, these robust high precision electronic levels are suitable for a wide range of high accuracy levelling tasks in manufacturing, medical, mining, construction, transportation and defence industries.

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