X-Series Laser Shaft Alignment

X-Series Laser Shaft Alignment Systems

The industry leading X-Series Laser Shaft Alignment Systems apply the latest in digital technology and laser optical design to deliver the ultimate in ease of use and shaft alignment precision.

X-Series - Smart Laser Shaft Alignment Systems

Achieve fast and accurate laser shaft alignments, with simple wireless operation, advanced functions and automatic report generation.

X-Series laser shaft alignment systems are the result of a seamless combination of outstanding laser engineering, extensive industry knowledge and the latest computer control technology.

X-Series offers laser shaft alignment solutions for a wide range of users, from maintenance teams needing to cover occasional pump and motor shaft alignments without the hassle of organising alignment contractors, up to full-time alignment professionals needing top performance and versatility to deliver rock-solid coupling alignment precision and fast alignment results for critical machines.

X-Series Advanced Laser Shaft Alignment Features Include:

  • Wireless Integrated Bluetooth standard on all systems
  • Simple Step-by-Step Laser Shaft Alignment Procedure
  • Industry’s Highest Laser Measurement Accuracy
  • “Live-Track” Dynamic Graphics, either 3-Axis or 5-Axis
  • Fastest Auto-Sweep Laser Measurement
  • Rugged 10″ Windows10 Touch Tablet Display
  • Long Life LiPO Batteries for up to 8H+ operation
  • Water Resistant and Dustproof to IP67
  • Extensive Software Features and Options
  • Automatic reporting with WIFI data transfer

Our Laser Shaft Alignment Systems

The full range of industry needs are covered by the X-Series range of Laser Shaft Alignment Systems.

X-Series Lasers are Suitable for Any Shaft or Coupling Alignment Task

The X-Series range of laser alignment systems covers industry requirements from small pump and motor shafts up to megawatt class minerals processing equipment, power generators and turbines.

To suit the most diverse range of special machine and equipment alignment applications, the X-Series includes versatile alignment programs and optional functions.

Alignment files auto-saved in machine folders with detailed PDF reports wirelessly printed, uploaded or emailed directly from the laser controller makes professional job documentation and reporting a breeze

Laser shaft and coupling alignment applications include:

  • Water Pump Motor Alignment
  • Fuel, Oil and Gas Pumps
  • Fans and Blowers
  • Cooling Tower Drive Alignment
  • Conveyor Drives and Gearboxes
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Compressors
  • Crushers SAG Mill and Ball Mill Drives
  • Winch and Crane Motor Couplings and Drum Shafts
  • Drag Line Winch Motors and Ring Gear Pinion Drives
  • Ancillary Generators and Firefighting Pumps
  • Marine Propulsion Shaft Alignment
  • Marine Diesel Engines and Gearbox Couplings
  • Gas Turbines and Compressor Shaft Couplings
  • Power Generation Plants

X-Series Laser Shaft Alignment FAQs

Are Hamar X-Series systems as effective as other popular brands in Australia?

A leader in laser alignment for 40 years, Hamar pioneered wireless comm’s, direct angle measurement and hi-res live move graphics. Today the X-Series offers superior accuracy, simplicity of use and many unique practical features with a proven, robust IP67 laser design.

Are X-Series shaft aligners wireless?

All X-Series shaft alignment lasers use Bluetooth wireless communications among their many other advanced features.

How are alignment reports generated?

A multiple page report with colour graphics is automatically generated by the laser control, including your logo, full job details, tolerances, colour coded results and soft-foot readings, even photos of the job.

How does a technician share the alignment report with colleagues and customers?

The WIFI enabled control allows reports to be easily shared wirelessly any way you prefer, including PDF file download, cloud sync, direct printing, messaging or emailing. No host computer, custom software or cable is needed.

How powerful is the X-Series Laser Control?

X-Series lasers have a fully functional rugged Windows tablet controller, with a 10” high resolution touch screen and all the features of any other Windows computer.

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