GEO Laser Systems

Lasers for the Most Demanding Machine Geometrical Metrology


Lasers for the Most Demanding Machine Geometrical Metrology

The unique range of Hamar  GEO Laser Systems provides the most accurate and practical means of measuring and adjusting machine geometrical features.

Single, Dual and Triple Scan Laser configurations are available to meet many different needs ranging from precision machine levelling and surface surveys up to the complete geometrical alignment and certification of large multi-axis CNC machines.

Hamar’s highly precise GEO lasers are matched with highly accurate wireless target receivers that directly communicate live height readings either to a rugged hand-held display or to a Windows tablet running task specific alignment software.

Once the laser is aligned to the machine datums, the wireless targets provide clear, easy to understand height readings as soon as they are placed on any machine feature to be measured. Readings at many different points can be simultaneously viewed, and the correct machine adjustments can be made quickly while watching the live height value at that point.

Geometrical features are able to be measured with ease, including the straightness, flatness, parallelism, squareness of any faces or axes of movement.

In addition to brilliant accuracy and practicality, the unique target design and wireless communications of the Hamar system allow most machine surveys to be conducted efficiently by a single technician.

Industrial laser Alignment Applications:

  • CNC Machine Calibration
  • Machine Tool Installation
  • Drag Line Surveys
  • Metal Rolling Line Alignment
  • Paper Machinery Roll Alignment
  • Geometrical Surveys of Industrial Components
  • Metrology of Large Gearbox Bores and Faces
  • Setting Parallelism of Gantry Crane Rails

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