X-660 – The Motor Master

The new X-660 laser coupling and shaft alignment system.
Outstandingly user friendly laser performance.


Wireless, Simple, Fast, Accurate with Auto Reporting

The new X-660 laser coupling and shaft alignment system was developed by Hamar’s technical innovation team to deliver the outstandingly user friendly laser performance found in their more expensive laser systems to a wider range of laser users with general shaft and coupling alignment requirements, including pump and motor replacements, fans and refrigeration compressor maintenance.

Standard features, some previously simply unheard of in this price category, include fully integrated wireless Bluetooth communications, live foot move data and graphics, thermal growth offsets, intuitive large touch-screen operation, automatic red/yellow/green light alignment tolerances, automatic soft-foot error correction, professional level automatic reporting and superior measurement accuracy.

The system is an affordable but highly effective tool for pump, fan and gearbox manufacturers and installers, and industrial maintenance crews. X-660 offers a profitable investment opportunity for customers seeking to bring laser alignment tasks in-house but not planning to take on an intensive level of laser alignment work where the features of higher level systems will provide additional financial benefits.

X-660 Laser Alignment System Specifications & Features

  • Technology:
    Direct PSD Measurement of Offset & Angle, 0.001mm high resolution
  • Std Measurement Cycle:
    AutoClock with Inclinometer, record any 3 clock positions, minimum 90deg.
  • Measurement Cell Size:
    Large 20mm range
  • Angular Range:
    Constant +/-2 degrees over any setup length
  • Display & Control:
    Rugged 10" Colour Touch Screen with powerful Windows10 features
  • Communications:
    Inbuilt Bluetooth Wireless (10m Range) and WIFI internet
  • Calibrated System Accuracy:
    Offset 0.75%, Angle 1.5%
  • Setup range:
    1mm - 5,000mm with constant angular accuracy and range
  • Data Storage:
    Virtually Unlimited Alignment Files
  • Environmental Protection:
    Laser & Target: IP67 dust and water resistant (up to 1m submersion) Touchscreen Control: IP65 dust and water resistant
  • Auto Tolerance Display:
    Colour coded live display with Green / Yellow / Red indications based on auto or manual set values
  • Batteries:
    Laser & Target: LiPO Rechargeable, full shift continuous use up to 15 hrs
  • Software Structure:
    Graphical touch-screen simplicity. Linear step-by-step guidance with detailed on board help
  • Live Move Graphics:
    One button access, auto switch V/H by rotating heads any time, live scaled graphics and live values, live colour coding "Flip it" selectable screen orientation. Not sensitive to backlash!
  • Soft foot correction:
    Automatic calculation of foot errors and correction shim value
  • Computerised Control:
    Fully open structure with standard and custom Windows10 apps and camera
  • Thermal Growth Offsets:
    Both Horizontal & Vertical position & angle offset inputs
  • Report Filing:
    Automatic machine file structure with all alignments recorded for each machine
  • Report Generation & Printing:
    Automatic 1 click report generation. Wirelessly print reports directly to hard copy or PDF. Email ready

Optional Features of the X-660 Laser Shaft Aligner

  • Auto Sweep Mode:
    This fast cycle automatically records hundreds of data points as the shafts are rotated over any angle (.60deg), providing the simplest and fastest alignment data. simplest and most accurate measuring cycle
  • Multi-point Mode:
    Provides maximum alignment versatility and simple data capture for coupled and uncoupled alignments. Take any number of alignment points at any accessible angle positions.
  • Bolt Bound/Fixed Feet:
    Optional powerful feature recalculates alignment move with any feet on either machine constrained
  • Result Table & Averaging:
    Optional feature records alignment history and allows averaging of multiple test values
  • Spacer Shafts:
    Optional cycle for long shaft dual plane couplings eg: gas turbines, has 7 modes
  • Hardware Options:
    Many laser accessories are available for special applications, including: magnetic brackets, non-rotating shaft brackets, 100% daylight filters and extension chains and posts.

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