CNC Touch Probes

CNC Touch Probes

The extensive Blum range of wireless touch probes add powerful workpiece measuring capabilities for improved quality & productivity on CNC machines.

The Solution for Increased Machining Efficiency & Reliability

Blum’s TC series of Touch Probes for “In-machine” Measurement represent the culmination of more than 30 years of touch probe development by Blum, and provide major advantages to machine users. The combination of high speed measurement capability (up to 5,000mm/min) and highly consistent trigger operation in all directions are characteristic of its wear free optical trigger.

These features differentiate Blum TC series probes from alternative systems, and provide substantial advantages in reduced measurement cycle times and superior measurement accuracy.

The application of Blum’s advanced technical expertise and total focus on the production environment delivers other important advantages in operation, including excellent swarf and chip resistance, crash protection, long battery life, fast stylus change-over and minimised calibration requirements.

Infrared Wireless Touch Probes

TC50 series CNC touch probes utilise infrared communications and are well suited to the majority of small to medium sized CNC machining centres.

The TC50 family of probes delivers fast measuring speeds with excellent repeatability and reliability in production, as well as providing many practical advantages in production including clearly visible LED status indication lights and long battery life.

These probes achieve precise in-machine part measurement with minimum additional cycle time and simple program cycle calls to make many different measurements. Their implementation will deliver increased production security, reduced scrap, and facilitate robust autonomous machining processes.

Radio Wireless Touch Probes

TC60 series CNC touch probes utilise radio wireless communications to suit large machines and deep bore measurement applications.

The TC60 family of probes share all the major advantages of TC50 probes, with fast probing speeds, high reliability and long battery life, with a larger communication range.

High Performance Scanning Probes

The advanced TC76-Digilog probe provides the capability to rapidly scan tool surfaces to obtain precise, high resolution contour deviation results as well as providing a standard touch trigger output.

TC76-Digilog is precise, compact, robust and, like all Blum probes, sealed to IP68 for reliability in high production machine environments.

Probing Cycles and Metrology Software

To allow the powerful inspection capabilities of the touch probes to be readily accessed by the machine operator, two highly user-friendly software levels are available. QuickStart operating cycles allow on-machine inspection to be implemented in the part program by simple cycle calls, readily implemented with minimal operator training. Integrated Graphical GUI screens are also available for Siemens, Heidenhain and Fanuc control systems.

For the perfect implementation of In-Machine measurement of complex parts, Blum’s advanced FormControl software provides easy to use CAD model based metrology with click to measure programming of model deviation points for automated path generation and rapid and clear automated reporting of surface deviations from the model.

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