Ultra Precision Laser Levels


Flatness & Levelling Lasers for Precision Engineering

The Hamar L-740 and L-730 laser levels are extremely accurate and simple to operate systems that are ideal for efficiently measuring the level and flatness of large machined components, machine bases, mounting pads or other precise engineering structures.

The flatness measurement process is as follows:

  1. Mount the laser magnetic base to either a pedestal stand or to a machined face on the component to be measured.
  2. Adjust laser to be parallel to 3 datum points on the component to be measured or to points on a reference fixture, using the laser adjusters to achieve the same target reading at all 3 datum points. This defines the datum plane.  Now set the readout value to “ZERO”, so that deviation at each measured point is displayed without any calculations or offsets.
  3. Place the wireless target on the first measuring point, pointing generally in the direction of the laser (no alignment required). The target will automatically switch on when it sees the rotating laser beam.
  4. Read the target height value displayed on the wireless handheld readout and compare it to the flatness tolerance limits.
  5. Record the height reading.
  6. Move the target to each subsequent measurement point and read the alignment values.

With the combination of wireless target and wireless display unit, and there being no need for target alignment to the laser, it is possible for a single operator to efficiently conduct this type of measurement.

Multiple targets may be used to align the laser to a large component more quickly and reduce total inspection time in a production situation.  Additional targets also allow permanent monitoring for any unintentional disturbance of the component or laser during the survey. The handheld readout will simultaneously display up to 5 targets.

Where the application requires adjustment, such as machine tool levelling, jacking or shimming each foot may be done with direct height readings from a target at the foot position. The simplicity of adjusting to “zero” readings instantly available at any point allows machine levelling to be achieved quickly and intuitive by an assembly technician.

An optional USB interface, Windows10 tablet and Plane5 software allow target readings to be automatically captured on a grid plane, to generate a colour coded surface map and metrology results including best fit plane analysis for max/min deviations and true flatness error.

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