Fibro Rotary Tables

Fibro offers an extensive range of fast, precise and highly reliable tables for any indexing, rotary positioning or CNC rotary axis requirements.

Fibro Rotary Tables

Rotary Table Types for RotoMotion and RotoCutting Applications

  • FibROTOR tables with fixed or programmable index angles for fast, controlled rotary positioning in automation applications
  • FibroDYN direct drive tables for ultra fast precision rotation of small and large parts
  • FibroPLAN CNC index tables for high precision and high rigidity rotary positioning and 4th axis machining in machine tools
  • FibroMAT and FibroMAX for rotary positioning of very heavy loads up to 400T
  • FibroTAKT face gear index tables for fast high precision rotary indexing with high rigidity for vibration free machining.

From rotary tables as small as 160mm diameter to tables over 3,000mm capable of quickly and precisely moving loads up to 400T, the Fibro range includes NC worm drives, Hirth coupling precision indexing tables, rotary cam drives, dual pinion positioning drives and high dynamic programmable direct drive tables, all in a wide range of configurations

Fibrotor index tables are an industry standard for fast precise indexing in assembly and automation applications. The proven dynamic cam design provides minimum index times with well controlled acceleration and precise and rigid positioning, with a wide range of standard index angles.

The strength and rigidity of all Fibro tables delivers high payload capacity on smaller table sizes, and long trouble-free service life under 24/7  utilisation.

Fibro is the worldwide pioneer in rotary tables.

Their extensive range of fast and precise tables provides the best solution for any indexing, rotary positioning or precision CNC rotary axis requirements.

Heavy Duty Rotary Positioning Tables for Loads up to 400T

FibroMat heavy duty rotary positioning tables provide a highly reliable, low maintenance solution for fast angular positioning of heavy loads up to 25 tons. Common applications include body in white and aerospace assembly.

FibroMax is an NC controlled range of rotary tables conceived specifically for precise programmable rotary positioning of heavy loads, suitable for positioning and rotary milling of very large machined components up to 400 tons.

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