Compact Handy-Case Kits

Streamline your precision machine alignment needs with AccuShim Compact Handy-Case Kits. Each kit contains 130 shims to achieve optimal alignment with ease.

Precision in Every Shim

With 13 thicknesses available, ranging from 0.025mm to 3.25mm in sizes A, B, C, D, E, and H, our Compact Handy-Case Kits offer unparalleled precision for a wide range of machinery applications. For either small machines or large equipment installations, these kits provide the range of sizes and thicknesses needed.

Convenience and Versatility

Designed for convenience, our Handy-Case Kits come in a compact and sturdy case that is easy to carry and store, keeping your shims organized and accessible at all times. Say goodbye to the hassle of on-site cutting or searching for material in the closest thickness – AccuShim pre-cut shims are ready to use, saving you valuable time and effort.