New S-660 Laser System – Affordable Performance

The outstanding Hamar S-660 wireless laser shaft aligner now released in Australia.

The  Stealth S-660 delivers all the features needed to complete accurate shaft alignments as simply as possible and in the fastest possible time, making it highly competitive for any user seeking the lowest real cost of ownership.

From Hamar’s 30 years of laser experience, the new Hamar S-660 laser shaft aligner delivers high performance laser alignment at a surprising affordable price. This excellent value laser system delivers a host of standard features not usually associated with Shaft Alignment Lasers for entry level system users, and the system has built in upgradeability for more advanced features for future requirements.

Created by Hamar specifically  to delivery the laser performance and alignment features that any user really needs, the S-660 is an ideal laser shaft alignment system for assembly operations to add an in-house alignment capability and for maintenance contractors to meet shaft and coupling laser alignment requirements such as general pump and motor alignment, fan alignment and refrigeration compressor alignment.

Outstanding features of the system include fully wireless operation, live vertical and horizontal graphics, a fast and simple 3-point measuring cycle without levelling, automatic red/yellow/green light tolerancing, a highly effective automatic soft foot correction routine, data saving of up to 1000 reports and automatic high quality report generation.

As well as being highly accurate and efficient, the S-660 is a very easy to use laser shaft and coupling alignment system with interactive touch-screen graphics and clear step-by-step software that guides the user through every step. This is ideal for users who may not be doing laser shaft alignments every day or every week, who will be able to pick up the system and start aligning with ease whenever an alignment is needed.

High performance features include intuitive colour touchscreen control, direct angle measurement, superior accuracy, long shooting distance, a large measurement range, thermal growth offsets, effective live-move graphics and horizontal and vertical shaft software.

For more detailed information, go to our page for S-660 – The Motor Master Laser Alignment System.