VibrA PRO Hand Held Vibration Analyser

Easy to use and feature packed vibration analyser with built-in expert diagnostics

The VibrA PRO hand held portable vibration analyser delivers a combination of brilliant simplicity of use, straight forward colour coded condition indications and high level vibration analysis and trending tools.

It combines features typical of a larger and more expensive vibration analyser with the ease of operation of a simple vibration meter, allowing maintenance departments and contractors to quickly start using vibration analysis as an effective condition analysis and condition monitoring tool.

Ideal for maintenance trouble shooting, VibrA PRO vibration analyser provides an advanced “Meter Mode”. By simply entering machine RPM and clicking “Take Reading”, the vibration analyser displays colour coded vibration level results, showing not only the overall vibration level, but also instant colour coded diagnostic vibration readings for instability, unbalance, misalignment, looseness and bearing damage.

The operator is also able to instantly view zoomable high resolution FFT frequency analysis and Time Waveform vibration analysis plots on the vibration analyser screen and to save all the results.

VibrA PRO provides all the capabilities required to set up an effective asset condition monitoring program. Each unit is supplied with easy to use C-Trend PC software to set up and manage a condition monitoring program using the VibrA PRO portable vibration analyser as a data collector.

In C-Trend it is possible to set up machines to be monitored by simply clicking on measurement templates for common types of machines and entering the machine name, location and running speed. By clicking on “Download”, the created “assets” are copied to the VibrA PRO, and you are ready to head to the plant and take detailed vibration analysis readings.

Measurements may be taken either by selecting individual assets or by following a pre-determined vibration measurement route. The operator has a full colour coded analytical display available as each machine is tested and is able to add or edit assets via the vibration analyser screen on the fly.

Once the measurement route is completed, the VibrA PRO vibration analyser is connected to the PC again via USB and with a mouse click the recorded vibration analysis results are copied back into C-Trend for detailed analysis and trending. ISO based warning and critical alarm levels are pre-installed in the program to immediately provide meaningful colour coding of results, with an overall machine condition summary screen identifying high level readings on any analytical range.

Powerful vibration analysis features include graphical trending of all measurement ranges and graphical analysis tools for FFT and Time Waveform data, the ability to adjust warning and critical alarm values to any level, range editing and creation of custom ranges.

An automated report generation wizard allows selected data and graphs to be inserted as required to create an editable Microsoft Word report file.

With the system available in three levels, the mid-range VibrA PRO provides a 3200 line FFT display while the top spec VibrA ULTRA is able to deliver a high resolution 52,000 FFT for high resolution frequency data.

Other measurement logging data is also able to be integrated with the vibration data and trended in C-Trend, such as oil temperatures, pressures, current levels and machine condition observations.

Highly practical optional features for the VibrA PRO portable vibration analsyser include RF ID automatic measurment point identification, local/remote database synchronisation for off-site analysis and reporting, Pocket LUBE lubrication management program and Pocket BALANCER.

In summary, the VibrA PRO hand held portable vibration analyser is a simple to use vibration analysis tool that is ideal for maintenance troubleshooting because of its in-built instant expert diagnostics which allow any operator to access the power of vibration analysis techniques without expert knowledge. At the same time VibrA PRO is the complete system required to set up an effective condition monitoring predictive maintenance program without the complexity and cost of traditional high level vibration analysis systems.

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