New Hamar Wireless Handheld Laser Readout

Hamar Laser Instruments have announced the release of a powerful all new Rugged Handheld Display for use with all their geometrical laser systems.

The MIL-STD-810G rated display unit is sealed to IP68 (1.5m submersion) and has a bright sunlight readable 5” touch-screen and provides battery life of over 10.5 hours operation. Wireless range is up to 40m.

This new readout is matched with Hamar Laser’s new Read 16 laser alignment software that can simultaneously display data for up to 5 scanning laser targets, or be rotated for a large format 2 target readout viewable at a distance.

The laser software includes the familiar ABS Mode and ZERO mode target display options from Hamar, directly “live” reading the face height at the measured position, as well as an array of easy to use setup and display tools.

These include 2-point and 3-point buck-in shortcuts for rapid alignment of the laser to datum points, as well as a dedicated Roll Buck-in function to swiftly align the laser to reference targets.

In addition, data averaging is adjustable to user-defined presets to minimise air noise for recorded measurements while allowing a fast settling time for readings taken on-the-fly.

Up to 500 data points are able to be recorded and exported to Excel or XML applications, using single or multiple targets (either single or dual-axis mode).

The high precision L-73X and ultra-precision L-74X Geometrical Laser Alignment systems from Hamar Laser Instruments provide an efficient and simple-to-use means to measure and adjust any machine geometrical features including straightness, flatness, squareness and parallelism, with outstanding accuracy up to 0.5 arcseconds (0.0025mm/m).